What This Is & What It Isn't

This is not a food blog though I might share some recipes or talk about my craving for the goat cheese croquettes at Barn Diva

This is not a wine blog though I'll most likely tell you what I'm drinking and why I'm drinking it.

This is not a blog about writing or photography though I hope that what I write and photograph leaves you a little breathless and inspired. 

What this space is, or at least what I hope it will be, is a chronicle of all that is essential in my life. 

I'm a lover of many things. In no particular order: my husband and children, California, the sea, red burgundy, cheese (even though we're trying to go dairy free), sweet tea, a well-seasoned steak, New Orleans, lace, linen, coffee, pickled red onions. Books, fresh flowers, women committed to their art, museums, light, heat, bonito flakes, blank journals, & intimate gatherings. 

In 9 days I'll be back in New Orleans sweating in my coffee, squeezing into Faulkner House Books to buy Tennessee Williams' plays, and studying for my Introductory Sommelier Exam. Basically, just soaking in life. 

Just in case you don't know me just yet, I'm a freelance writer and photographer for hire currently living in the suburbs of Chicago. I work part-time in the greenhouse at Hardware Gastro Pub & Brewery, and am itching to get back to California wine country. My inbox is always open so please feel free to shoot me an email if you have a question, want to grab a coffee, or split a bottle of wine. You can also hang out with me over on instagram. Can't wait to meet you. 

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